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We machine washed it in cold water and threw it in the dryer to tumble dry on low; it came out just as soft if not softer than when we started! This muslin swaddle blanket makes a great baby shower gift given its nice packaging – the one we received even had a silk ribbon on it, which was a nice touch.

(Gulp!) But, after 5 or 10 tries, it will become as easy as changing a diaper. The Ollie Swaddle was the most expensive (by at least $20) of all the swaddles we tested. With a unique shape (it’s smaller than most swaddles) and interesting design features , results for this model were mixed. Our testers also didn’t like the banded pouch feature, which is designed to allow the swaddle to grow with the baby and to facilitate easier diaper changes. The mom of a 4-week-old explained she had to undo the entire swaddle in order to change a diaper in the middle of the night, and the « quiet » Velcro was still loud enough that it woke up her baby. Parents whose ninja babies seem to bust out of every swaddle tend to love the Miracle Blanket, which has a foot pouch that helps contain the legs, but also allows for a bit of movement.

Most swaddlers are machine washable, but you’ll want to check the tag just to be sure. Since the swaddlers are snug against baby’s skin, it is best to use a detergent free of dyes and perfumes. There are detergents made specifically for washing baby clothes, or you could select one designed for individuals with sensitive skin. Swaddles come in different sizes for each age, which is an important factor many parents and caregivers don’t know. Knowing the correct size will keep your baby safe as a blanket that’s too big for them may become loose and then a suffocation hazard.

Sometimes swaddling is trial-and-error, and you might find that arms in doesn’t work but neither does arms out. This might provide your baby the little bit of wiggle-room freedom they want while still securing them in the swaddle. « We went through numerous swaddles until we found this one. Velcro is secure, making it almost impossible for the baby to wiggle out. It grows with the baby and can be used as a wearable blanket when they outgrow the swaddle. » -O.Y. But if your baby has hip dysplasia or other hip issues, swaddling may aggravate that. Be sure to check with your pediatrician if that’s the case for you.

After eight weeks of naps and nights with a newborn, we think the Arm’s Reach Concepts Clear-Vue Co-Sleeper is the best bedside sleeper for most new babies. Being a mom is a true gift, but at times it feels so hard. Treat yourself like a Queen, eat well, rest when baby rests, and allow others to cater to your needs. As a result, some child care centers, and the states where they are located, are implementing more forceful recommendations against swaddling in child care settings.

The Halo’s dedicated armholes make it possible to use this swaddle for longer than most others. When using the armholes, parents can wrap the wings around the baby’s chest for an arms-out swaddle that still provides a secure hug around the baby’s midsection. Like other swaddles with Velcro, you’ll want to remember to secure the Velcro wings before washing.

Especially in their first weeks of life, babies are nurtured by a secure environment that helps ease their transition into a big, bright world outside the womb. These early months are often termed « the fourth trimester, » an adjustment period for both babies and parents. As a parenting writer and a mom of three, I’ve handled my fair share of baby items.

While this may be an improvement from the design of the original Woombie, it still doesn’t provide as much ventilation as the mesh panels on the Sleepea. Others found the exterior wings to be a detractor, because they make it too easy for the baby swaddlers for newborns to break free.

It’s constructed of 100% cotton so your baby’s temperature can regulate without overheating. The first thing to note when learning how to make a swaddle blanket is that there are lots of varieties and styles of swaddlers out there. The American Academy of Pediatrics says babies don’t have regular sleep cycles until 6 months of age. However, even at that age, late night wakeups are still considered normal. If you need a demonstration on how to swaddle your baby in order to make an informed decision, your healthcare provider or the nurses at the hospital where she was born may be able to show you how it’s done. When you’re just learning to swaddle a baby, it’s best to practice it when your baby is calm or already asleep. To address parents’ concerns about babies overheating in a less breathable cotton blend, the company added a small amount of mesh paneling to the front of the Woombie Air.

The fabric is strong, breathable, and soft, all of the stitching is high quality, and we had no issues with shrinking in the laundry. To be completely honest, they are the cutest sleep sacks and swaddlers we have ever seen, and we are super excited to have tried them out!

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