Norco milk to pay its dairy farmers two cents more per litre

A number of Australian farmers are celebrating following the recent decision from dairy co-operative Norco milk to increase its payments to suppliers.

The price hike will result in farmers now snaring 77 cents per litre of milk until June 30 this year, a rise of two cents.

It equates to $2million in additional revenue from Norco to over 300 of its members across northern and southern .

Norco chief executive officer Michael Hampson said the increase would be welcome news, especially for those farmers who have endured drought conditions in recent years.

In good news for farmers across Australia Norco milk (pictured above) has increased its payments to suppliers

The development will see farmers receive more funding for their dairy products (stock image)

‘Certainly for some of our members, this will be a record price for them,’ he said.

‘This increase going out to our farmers should be incredibly well received based on the fact that they are still carrying a lot of debt from the prior years of drought.’

The payment increase to suppliers was signed off at Norco’s board meeting on January 28. 

how long do pain pills stay in your system term supplier Nicole Nicholls, who is based on the NSW far-north coast, said the generosity of Norco presents an opportunity to consolidate and then plan for the future on her farm.

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