Professional Suggestions For IPhone: 20 Setting Tweaks That’ll Change How You Use Your IPhone

3. Flip off 5G protection you don’t need or haveApple touts a smart Data feature that’s particular to its 5G telephones (the iPhone 12 and iPhone thirteen lines) that will robotically swap between 4G LTE and 5G networks — with out you having to know or do a factor — based on how you’re using your machine. The automatic switch is part of an effort to enhance battery life. Nonetheless, you may find that your iPhone’s battery drains quicker than it did earlier than. If you do not wish to sacrifice battery life for sooner 5G speeds, shut it down. You possibly can all the time flip 5G again on while you need it, or 폰테크 when service in your space improves.

4. Nice-tune how a lot data is used on a 5G connectionIf you are blissful along with your 5G performance, here is a network-related setting you need to try. Go to Settings >Cellular >Cellular Knowledge Choices >Information Mode where you will discover three totally different options: Allow extra data on 5G, Commonplace and Low Information Mode.

It is odd to name a phone from mid-2021 ‘previous’, however the Moto G100 has been supplanted by the G200 in many ways, including in worth. The Moto G100 is near the highest of the corporate’s 2021 line-up of G-series telephones, however it is considerably of a spiritual successor to the sting 20 handsets which came out several months earlier.

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